15 February 2011

:: dear HEARTIE ::

dear heartie...
please behave . please be patience . i know u missing him sooo much . i know u feel a bit lonely . i know u really need him rite now .

Super cute onion

dear heartie...
dun worry . i know, he know dis . i know he think of us rite now . i know he oso miss us rite now .
but dear heartie, u shud be a bit patience . ok??

Super cute onion

my dear,
i know i am maybe a bit childish . i know im always make u worried . im also always make u mad of me . im sorry dear . im just feel lonely . i miss u damn much, and im a lil bit sensitive . but please......i love u and loving u is enough for me .

Super cute onion i love u sayang~~im sorry dear . really . i miss u so much . Super cute onion

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