14 February 2010


tulun la sape2 hadiahkan kat aku album 'thank you Allah' by Maher Zain.nak sgt2.tp nk org adiahkn. plissss!!

firstime aku dgr lgu Maher Zain nie, aku dgr 'for the rest of mylife'.secara kebetulan bile Hamzah post kat fb die.hmm. wut a beautiful lyrics and so meaningful~its a lovely song dat i ever heard.

For the rest of my life
I`ll be with you
I`ll stay by your side honest and true
Till the end of my time
I`ll be loving you...loving you
For the rest of my life
Thru days and night
I`ll thank Allah for open my eyes
Now and forever I…I`ll be there for you

dis is part yg paleng aku ske.meaningful to me.hmmm~tersentuh.adeh!! touching sudaaa~~haha.then. ble dgr "always be there" lak.uishhhh~walllaaa~!! oso hv a beautiful words n soooo meaningful.

So when the time is hard
There’s no way to turn
As HE promise HE will always be there
To bless us with HIS love and HIS mercy
Coz, as HE promise HE will always be there
HE’s always watching us, guiding us
And HE knows what’s in all in our heart

in dis song, ia mengigatkan kite supaya kembali kpd ALLAH.apbl berada dlm kesusahan ataw hilang arah tuju,kembalilah kpd ALLAH krn dia sentiasa ada utk kita.smpai biler2. arggghhhhhhhh~terase diri nie suda jauh melupakan-Nya. kini.ku harus kembali kepadaNya.DIA adalah segala2nya n pendengar setia rintihan dan luahan hati kite.
dis song touch my heart so deep.make me wake up from day dreaming.huhu~~

Lg st yg sgt2 menyentuh perasaan n membuat aku terfikir tntang kehidupan yg de kat dunia n segala ciptaanNya.buat aku buka mate n hati nie.lyric "open your eyes" sgt2 buat aku ter"BUKA" mata.hehe.

Open your eyes and hearts and minds
you just look bright to see the signs
We can’t keep hiding from the truth
Let it take us by surprise
Take us in the best way
Guide us every single day.. Keep us close to You
Until the end of time..

huhu~clouds.sky.orbits.moon.sun.babies dat born was soo weak but then growing up.dat is the biggest miracle in life.hmmm~so many things dat ALLAH giv to us, da byk bukti2 nya.tp....kite jer yg masih buta mata, buta hati.sumer nye da ckup utk kita berfikir dan buka MATA, HATI dan FIKIRAN kite.semoga kita digolong didalam golongan yg bersyukur.Ameen~~

thanx to MAHER ZAIN coz giv us these beautiful songs for us. i like it damn much!! love u!! haha~

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