10 March 2010

:: my dream list wishes ::

Everyone has their own wishes dat they dreams of.me oso hv my own wish list dat i ever dream of.I hope, oneday my wishes will become true.

here is my my BIGGEST wish list :
1. want to go to MACCA with my family
2. want to visit PARIS for honeymoon [sgt romantikkk]
3. want to hv my own car [nk merc or BMW pleeeasee!]
4. want to finished my study + become a DOCTOR

the SMALL wish list:
1. want i-phone/ipod [sumbody,tulun la belikan or hadiahkan!!]
2. want to hv guinea pig [da lame gile nk bela mende alah neh!]
3. want to hv new lappy [VAIO plisssssssss!!]
4. want to hv 1 handbag frm CARLO RINO~~[tatau knp nk sgt..isk3]
5. want 1 album MAHER ZAIN [tanak beli sndiri,nk org hadiahkan]

hoping dat sum1 can help me to make my wishes comes TRUE
hoping i can get all the wishes

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