21 August 2010

:: im not good enough ::

i noe, im NOT GOOD enough for u my dear..
i noe, im NOT PRETTY as anyone else..
i noe, im NOT FUN to be with..
i noe, i hve lots of bad habits..


i still trying the best
i still trying to be ur best3 fren ever!
i still trying to be good enough

its just..FOR YOU!

no one else!

i dun hv anyone else
i dun want anyone else
i just hv u
and i just want u

dont u see all dat??
dont u realize all dat??

why did u still pretending dat u dunno anythings?
why did u still find 'her'?
u noe i will hurt rite??
u noe i hate it rite??

but WHY??

why u do dat??
i dun understnd..
im olwiz here for you
but u didnt find me
im olwiz here waiting for you
but u seems like forget bout me
im olwiz missing you
but u pretending u didnt noe anything

i noe u noe all bout me
i noe u noe my feelings
i noe u noe im hurt
i noe u noe im missing u
i noe u noe dat i really3 LOVE YOU

please dun hurt me again and again..
please take care of me..


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