16 September 2011

am I paranoid???

Paranoid?? hmmm~sapa tau ape tu paranoid??

is when u worry too much bout sumtin' or sum1, or create almost ridiculous worries in ur head . hmmm~u get wut i mean?? i hope so..

yaaa, when u have sum1 that u love, sometimes ur mind is not easy to think all positively . when u are apart from him/her, u might sometimes think ridiculously which are sometimes its not true .

hmmm~ me too . i dont know why, everyday, every minutes, every second, im worried bout him . i ask myself, is he okay? is he sleep well? eat well? even though he didn't ask bout wut im doing, wut im eating or im doing well here, but i still worry bout him .

i called myself paranoid . am i?? *sigh* . but i really2 worried . how can i let this worried away??? hmmm~ mybe we are apart and really miss each others *is he miss me?* . sumtimes, i cant help myself either . i cried when i really2 miss him . i cried when i think about him . i do miss him so much . i cant keep it anymore . i want some1 can i talk to, can i cry to .

sometimes, i shud let my mind think positively . not too worries . hmmm~i hope i can . and i wish i can . i miss you~~

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